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At the Mountain Wildlife Museum,

we exhibit beautiful representations of taxidermy from all over the world. We’re located in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Region. MWM began after several pre-Act (1973) endangered species taxidermy specimens were acquired by donation for display.

After purchasing many other taxidermy specimens and adding them to the collection, the idea of a taxidermy museum was conceived.

MWM now seeks to collect excellent crafted taxidermy specimens and display them in museums across the United States in a manner that will bring attention to the beautiful glory and wonder of the created specimens as well as educate people about the taxonomy and environmental habitats of these extant creatures.

“My life’s dream is to display wildlife in a museum to bring joy to children and families.”


The Mountain Wildlife Museum is the premiere inspirational and educational resource for wildlife preservation in the Southeast.  We are located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains.

MWM will provide a way for people to consistently and reliably focus on the beauty and diversity of the many extant species on earth, as well as to educate people about taxonomy classification and the importance of maintaining natural environmental habitats.

All of creation points to the Creator, who gave us charge over these species, to “rule over them”. Our passion is that people will know the Creator through his Son and learn to take responsibility and become good stewards of the beautiful and diverse wildlife creations that He has made.


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